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Home music at Gasthof Jägerklause

The Höllwarth family has been playing folk music and singing for generations with great enthusiasm. What was once a house custom is now a widely known home music for guests from all over the world. With its typical alpine instruments, the "Jägerklauser Hausmusik" offers original, serious and cheerful folk music.

The instruments harp, violin, harmonica, clarinet and bass violin are ideally suited to perform the dance and singing sages, some of which were composed by the landlord himself, in a typical "Zillertaler" manner. By now the "Höllwarther Hausmusik" is also known on radio and television and beyond the borders!

Experience and enjoy traditional home music

Guests of the Jägerklause can enjoy our music repertoire free of charge. With yodelling and singing, we succeed in entertaining our guests in a heart-warming and cozy way. This is Tyrol from its musical side - rustic, cheerful and very intense. We are already looking forward to welcoming you to one of our home music evenings! Find out more about the music evenings that take place twice a week at our reception.

Gasthof Jägerklause & the Ursprung Buam

Franz-Josef, head of Gasthof Jägerklause, is a member of the well-known music group "Die Ursprung Buam". The Jägerklause is an insider tip for real fans - the Ursprung Buam Franz-Josef, Martin and Andreas often play in the Gasthof and thus provide unforgettable dance evenings.

Landlord Franz-Josef himself loves to play the harp, but also the double bass, the Styrian harmonica and the accordion are among his favourite instruments.

With over 30 albums, the Ursprung Buam have become an indispensable part of the folk music scene. The gigs at the local Gasthof Jägerklause are a real highlight for all fans and a real guarantee for fun and entertainment.


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